A Shirt For When You Are Emotionally Attending Newton's Law School

Once upon a time there was this guy named Newton. He came up with these three laws of motion. Those laws were called: the law of inertia, the law of mass and acceleration, and the law of motion. If he had a law school to go with his cool laws the shirts they sold in the student store might look like this. 

Get it here: Newton’s Law School by kg07

Newton’s Law School is a fun design by Kg07. The art features a shield. Above the shield is the word “Newton’s.” Inside the shield are 3 images. Image 1 shows a person in a bed sleeping. On top of the person is a small dog. The image reads “a body at rest remains at rest.” Image 2 depicts a person trying to push an elephant. The image reads “ force equals mass times acceleration.” Image 3 shows an angry elephant stomping on a person. The image reads "for every action there is an equal and opposite overreaction.” Towards the bottom of the shield is a ribbon. The words “law school” appear in that ribbon. 

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