We Are Fairy Certain That This is a Pixie in Striped Socks

Call them a pixie, pisky, pixy, pixi, pizkie, piskie, pigsie or puggsy. Just don’t call them late for dinner. They are notoriously  mischievous little creatures and if you tick them off you will be in trouble. 

Okay, so what is the most recognizable difference between a pixie and fairy?  Pixies are known for having butterfly type wings. Also, strangely enough fairies don’t typically have wings when depicted in folklore. 

Stripey Socks Pixie is a magical design. The art features a magical creature with beautiful butterfly wings. She is wearing a green, purple, and teal dress. The dress appears to be made of a flower. In her hand she holds a stem filled with flowers. Her legs are covered in black and green striped tights. On her head is the top of an acorn or not. 

Get it here: Stripey Socks Pixie

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