You Don't Have to Have Scissor Hands To Be A Great Gardener, But Wouldn't it Be Fantastic If You Did?

Sure, people are scared of things that are different or that they haven’t tried before. Gardening, however,  is nothing to be frightened of. It is what they call exceptional and good for the soul. Just ask any Edward, Kim, or Tim. Remember, you don’t have to have scissors for hands to be a great gardener. You just have to be ready to create, invent, and believe.    

Gardening is My Therapy by Edu Ely is a tender and organic design. The art features a boy with scissors or knives for hands. He sits on the ground amongst the flowers. The flowers appear to be red roses.  Some of the flowers are on the ground. He is likely deadheading the plants. The overall piece has a comic book cover feel. To the side of the boy are the words “ sharp hands, happy plants.” Above the child are the words “gardening is my therapy.”

Get it here: Gardening is My Therapy - Cute Geek Movie Gift

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